unparalleled significance in our lives.

I believe that photographs hold

the wedding experience

I believe that photographs hold unparalleled significance in our lives. Whether you discovered my work via social media, a referral from a friend, or an online quest, I am so glad you are here.

I know that you want all of the pretty things, and so do I! I have a passion for creating photographs that emanate brilliance, evoking the timeless allure of classic film. 

If you're looking for dreamy photos you will always love, you are in the right place.

A North Dakota Native living in Arizona

hi, I'm liv — 

Now, I have the honor of serving my photography clients full-time as I craft images and experiences for my clients that create dreamy photographs with timeless allure.

my passion for photography has never waned. 

From borrowing my neighbor’s camera at 10 years old to take pictures of my sister in our backyard, to photographing my first solo wedding at 18,

is inspired by my first and middle name (Olivia Grace), the quote, "live by grace, through faith," and Ephesians 2:8-9 from the Bible. It serves as a reminder to always show others grace, and that this life is a gift from God.


my business name

the meaning behind

One of the best things this job has given me has been the clients or fellow vendors that become my real friends outside of the event(s)!


Going on walks around the neighborhood with my family or friends, working out, or trying new restaurants/coffee shops/breweries are all things that bring me joy!
I also love scavenging for vintage finds at antique stores, flea markets, etc.!  

WHEN I’M NOT WORKING, you'll find me

I rarely start my day without a cup of coffee, and you can almost always find me sneaking away with some chocolate desserts at your wedding reception. 

Guilty Pleasure

I am constantly looking for a new and exciting adventure. Whether it’s San Diego, the Amalfi Coast, or a lake in Minnesota, my favorite places end up being near the water!

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