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Meet Olivia — a North Dakota native now living in sunny Arizona. Throughout our time together, I'll be your photographer, hype woman, stylist, and friend all in one. Let's get to know each other!

Walli Cases x Betsy Mikesell and Alyssa Johnson Collab

When the Walli Team came to me with their concept for this photoshoot for their next collab with influencers Betsy Mikesell and Alyssa Kate Johnson, I got so excited!

As a Walli Cases owner already, this photoshoot was a dream to be part of for me.

We started the photoshoot at the Arizona Retreat Center for a western look, which was absolutely stunning. They have beautiful horses, ponies, and even a zebra!

We then went to The Scott Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona for our second look.

Hannah and Liberty and everyone else from the Walli Team were so kind, and Alyssa and Betsy were so joyful!

- Morgan & Simon Zahrbock

"She's the sweetest person ever."

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